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CCTV might not be something you have heard before, it’s certainly not something said that often unless you are in the media/television or security field. But the CCTV system has been around since the early ‘40s, when it was first installed in Peenemuende for clearer views of the V2-rockets. Since then, CCTV systems have been used for NASA when they launch shuttes or for rocket flights to catch any glitches or small problems ahead of time. CCTV means “closed-circuit television” and is the use of television cameras to transmit a signal to a specific set of monitors to capture images otherwise missed. Larger rockets have even been fitted with CCTV cameras to ensure safety measures are met before having astronauts inside.

The most important part of CCTV is mainly for detection, not necessarily on preventing the crime. They are a great security camera. When criminals are being prosecuted, CCTV images have quickly and efficiently solved the case. An example of this was the David Copeland case, where the Soho nail bomber was captured at the scene of his crimes. Missing children organizations are using CCTV to track movements of missing children as well due to the effectiveness of the systems. Other uses have also been for construction companies outfitting their vans, trucks and buses with CCTVs so that they can see at all angles, including when they are driving in reverse to make sure there are no small items or people in their blind spots.

It’s been said that CCTV was developed partly due to the IRA bombings in the United Kingdom in the late 70s/early 80s and since then, it’s been widely accepted into police stations, government agencies, corporate offices and even homes. Since CCTV cameras are so widespread, the cost is in anyone’s budget and it can literally be used for a business owner or a homeowner.

CCTVs are ideal for surveillance purposes, especially in areas you think can be a potential target for theft and vandalism. Many are now wireless cameras and come in a variety of sizes. These surveillance cameras are not of the size of the traditional spy camera, but there size has shrunk as technology has improved. Many public places, such as airports, casinos, shopping malls and banks have added CCTV cameras for increased security. They are also part of many home security systems.

After your have determined your specific needs and how many cameras you will need to have for your home security system or for overall surveillance, choose from a standard CCTV or one that is high resolution. Most come with a fixed lens but you can always purchase an iris lens or one that is of higher quality separately. CCTVs are best used indoors but if you need it for outdoor use, it should work fine as long as you upgrade the lens and monitors you will be using to track movement as a surveillance camera. It’s available in black and white and color but should not make a difference in quality. There is a CCTV that will your individual needs.

CCTV Security System
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Surveillance System
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Security Camera System
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