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Wireless cameras are becoming widely popular because they do not require a wire to transfer the image from the camera to your monitor or television like with CCTV camera systems. Most just need to be plugged in somewhere or can be battery operated. Wireless cameras come in a variety of sizes and styles, small as small as your thumb, and all capable of keeping maintaining security. Some also have audio so you can plug it into a video recorder to get audio feedback and instant playback. For those that want to look discreet without having to drill holes in walls to place a wire, wireless cameras are a perfect solution.

Wireless cameras can be placed both indoors or outdoors, can be used for day or night surveillance and can be added to any home security system. Wireless cameras can also be built with infrared motion detectors, which, when armed, are ready to capture color still images and video/sound in low-light areas and can even capture images and sound in the dark. When you’re at home, view the feedback from your PC or if you are away on vacation or at work, you can receive color still images and text alerts via email or even from your cell phone.

Living in uncertain times and desiring to be safe is nothing new. At one time, wireless cameras were not a suitable choice for homeowners who wanted surveillance cameras or spy cameras for indoor use because they did not provide reliability in capturing the best quality in resolution and did not meet consumer’s needs. However, advancements in surveillance equipment, especially with convenience of a wireless network and IP technology, have changed the homeowner’s expectations of a wireless camera and the quality of home security. Today, wireless cameras can still give usable video up to 40 feet indoors with a high-quality resolution and audible sound. But be careful about where exactly you position the wireless camera and how far of a distance you want to capture, including how detailed of an image you will need. Cameras will view past distances of up to 70 or more feet; however, the objects will start to become tiny in size and not as clear.

Wireless cameras are ideal for small to mid-size video surveillance application and perfect for positioning in nooks and crannies of a home. Video signals from the camera cannot be viewed or seen from anyone outside the home or even inside the room if concealment is a requirement.

Some things to look for when choosing a wireless camera are:

• Noise/Audio: Do you need audio/visual with the wireless camera you choose? If you would like both, then decide on whether you want to be able to capture and record the audio before you decide on a camera.

• Is it solely for indoors? Do you want a weatherproof security camera ? Or does your wireless camera have to have night vision to see in the dark?

• Would you like having access to your wireless camera through a remote control? If you have many surveillance cameras set up in a large area, this might be a great tool to have so you can control all the cameras through your web browser.

• What size of a surveillance camera or spy camera do you want? Since cameras come in a variety of sizes, from two inches to eight or more, determine what you are trying to capture and if you need concealment. Smaller cameras will not give you as great of a picture quality but size might be the deciding factor for you.

• Keep also in mind that you can choose a wireless camera that has motion detection so you can record the minute activity occurs. This is perfect for cameras set up in a backyard or garage as a way of maintaining security.

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