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Many retailers and corporate companies use various types of security measures to cut down on theft and vandalism and ensure a safe environment for employees to work in. This could mean hiring security guards; have closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance systems and security cameras throughout their facilities and even observation mirrors that allow the employer to see throughout the store or in a certain area that may be dimly lit or hard to see. This helps large companies, such as department stores or electronic stores, combat early on signs of shoplifting and also helps reduce the amount of shoplifters that are in fact employees. Smaller businesses usually can not afford to do all the above and have a complete security system because of cost, especially if they are family owned and operated, so most will invest in security cameras that are in a distinct locations or in an area that has been shoplifted before. The purpose of security cameras versus surveillance cameras, including video surveillance cameras, is that the shopper or customer is not supposed to know they are being watched. These cameras are usually hidden, are very small, usually no more than 4 inches long, and are more specialized to zoom and target anything that the person could be holding or doing.

Mainly, a security camera is created to be small in size and easy to hide and maybe similar in size to a spy camera. Parents can use a security camera to observe their babysitter or nanny while they are away. Oftentimes, suspicious activity can be caught early on with evidence readily available through this method. Homeowners have also used security cameras to provide home security that maybe part of a home security system when they have gardeners, pool cleaners, a lawn service or even a caterer coming to their home. Since they can’t be seen, this provides the owner the security of knowing they don’t have to always be around observing the visitor. Many of these home security cameras whether they are wireless cameras or CCTV cameras can be part of security equipment that can be accessed from remote locations.

Consider some of these options to help you invest in proper security and also security cameras for your residence or business:

• A bullet camera that is for both day and night. Small and discreet, this tiny camera will capture clear images and is weatherproof.

Speed dome security camera with zoom capabilities can be mounted on a wall or ceiling, is hard distinguishable, and can contact you remotely through the Internet of any interference.

• Infrared or motion detection security cameras are perfect for large properties and for seeing clearly in the dark.

Home security systems that come with Infrared capabilities, have remote control access available and a keypad for quick access are great additions to a security camera.

Dummy cameras are a great deterrent as they look like the real thing at a fraction of the cost. This can save significant money for certain businesses.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras are a type of camera mechanism which may be found in the cameras described above but is worth mentioning as it provides maximum coverage of an area in question. It is a very important function to have in any camera.

Vandal proof security cameras are also available and are very reliable and give you the reliability that you need with the hostile elements of our society.

Complete security systems may not to have security equipment that has to have hard wiring. This will add significant cost to the project. There are many wireless camera options available as the technology of spy cameras is now available to all of us.

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