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We have all heard of the word “surveillance,” and have associated it with feeling protected, watching “bad people” and preventing vandalism,,theft, and unfortunately terrorism. With today’s advancements in technology and the various types of surveillance cameras, anyone, from the neighbor next door to the grocery owner down the block to the elementary school your son attends, can all feel safe and secure.

Surveillance means to monitor behavior, either of people, objects or processes for security measures. We often associate the word “surveillance” to the connotation of eavesdropping from a distance with a surveillance camera, surveillance equipment, or video surveillance, or all of the above. We have seen in movies how spy cameras are put in teddy bears or fire alarms to “tap” into the activity of a home or group of people. Some people need surveillance to help them prevent burglary, others, to ensure they are getting a trained and creditable nanny. Surveillance is definitely a necessity nowadays where technology advancements practically guarantee clear sound quality and resolution and help to protect employees, families, and individuals from crime, burglary and theft.

Some key components to determine and maintain an overall proper surveillance are:

• Know your target and what you would like to accomplish before developing a surveillance plan.
• Do thorough research on what surveillance items you will need and the quantity required, such as surveillance cameras, CCTV cameras, wireless cameras, etc.
• Decide on the color and resolution your security cameras need to have. Also, whether you need them to be weatherproof for indoor and outdoor usage, or whether they need to be designed to blend in easily with the surroundings.
• Determine whether you need to access the spy cameras/CCTV cameras remotely or through your DVR system.
• Do you need the surveillance cameras to move or zoom or offer any additional audio/graphic or even infrared IP selection?

Once you have decided on all of the above, you are well on your way to protecting your home, business and personal assets and can continuously monitor your surroundings no matter where you are or go.

Do not feel like you are alone in questioning your need for added protection. Everyone, from government agencies to restaurants, even schools, is investing in surveillance cameras to protect their employees, customers and students, and also to ensure against theft and destruction of property. There is a lot of overlap between surveillance and security, and as a result between surveillance systems and security camera systems.

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