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Audio and video surveillance systems are becoming customary in both residential and commercial properties. It’s no longer suspicious to have security cameras along with a keypad at a gated home as part of your home security system.. Or an entire surveillance system monitoring how often employees surf the net on the clock at work. The investment in a surveillance system helps to save money in the long run by preventing vandalism, burglary and also preventing companies from investing thousands of dollars in lazy employees. Also, colleges and schools can stop crime from happening on their campus as well, especially during time of hazing from fraternities and sororities.

You might already have a surveillance system with CCTV cameras or a home security system but would like to expand or replace some of the surveillance equipment including surveillance cameras with new technology to meet your individual needs. You will need to research and figure out if you need to have spy cameras that can zoom in and out, handle all weather conditions, perhaps even be placed inside items as wireless cameras where they will be inconspicuous, such as stuffed animal or hidden inside a light or fire alarm. If you are investing in high-resolution surveillance cameras, you will also need a DVR, or digital, monitor to handle that type of television lines you will receive, versus one you get through an analog system, where a VCR and a regular tape are used.

How many surveillance cameras you need and exactly where you would like them places is also important in choosing what type of surveillance system and how advanced of a system you will need to purchase. Take into account the square footage of your residential or commercial property and ask an expert on their thoughts. Set a budget and stick to it, but make sure you place in your budget whether you will have a personal installation of your video surveillance system.

With CCTV surveillance equipment, as well as many other types of surveillance systems, the lenses on a security camera determine how wide an image is created and how much light is actually let in and are usually sold separately from the camera. You can also reuse the lenses with other CCTV cameras – it does not have to be the same type.

A complete video surveillance system can help your home or business become safer, leave you with a peace of mind, and if it’s a commercial property, run more efficiently. The benefits are truly endless – reducing shoplifters, catching potential thefts within your company or home, having evidence in perhaps a lawsuit case that could be filed against you or in case of an accident, and increases security. Remember, if a person sees a camera, there immediate reaction is to look around and become cautious. This will help you sleep safer at night knowing you are investing in protection for your future.

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