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Nanny cams are no longer a foreign word referenced in high society houses and used to protect the President’s family from harm. Nanny cams are becoming more popular and have even been mentioned in books, such as Nanny Diaries and in movies, such as Meet the Fockers. These hidden cameras are used to help parents monitor their children while they are not at home and to also ensure that the care providers they are leaving their children with are doing their job in a harmless manner. Surveillance helps to catch abusive nannies or even to detect baby sitters that neglect children or steal while on the job. Otherwise, a homeowner and parent would never know if there are any problems. Most homes now have home security systems that protect people from coming into their homes, but now security systems include hidden cameras also known as nanny cams to make sure they are safe 24/7.

There are a variety of nanny cams or spy cameras to choose from, all of which never unveil the disguise. Price can go as high as $500, depending on how many and what type of nanny cam you’d like to purchase. Everything can become a hidden nanny cam, your daugther’s favorite doll or cleaning supplies, such as cleaning wipes or Oxi Clean to an air freshener or wall clock. All of these spy cameras can be viewed in color or in black and white, and most are wireless so there are no wires to install. One of the most popular nanny cams is the VCR hidden cam. It not only captures video and places it directly into a video cassette for you, but it also is fully functioning, with a stereo system, rewind/fast forward functions, and even has a remote control. Almost any household item can contain a hidden nanny cam, since most cams are tiny, some as small as your thumb.

When purchasing a nanny cam, invest in a professional surveillance system that you can install yourself and figure out how many cameras you need to have inside and outside your home. Almost all security systems will come with a monitor, cables and any other supplies you will need so you can install it yourself.

Although child care is a primary reason for purchasing and installing nanny cams or spy cameras (insert hyperlink) in your home, there are also other reasons for having these devices – some parents may want to see how their home is being cleaned or if the gardener is doing a good job, or for monitoring their children while they are outside their home. Since nanny cams can now be wireless, a parent can get video emailed to them or even sent to their cell phone. Even daycare centers have gotten on the nanny cam bandwagon, installing cameras to provide parents the ability to see how their child interacts with others.

It is legal to have a hidden camera in all of the United States, although recording speech without the person’s consent is not in 15 of those states. Most childcare providers do not actually mind being videotaped, as long as they are told up front about the purpose. Overall, nanny cams are perfect for home security and peace of mind.

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