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Berg Safety & Security - Self defense for you Taser guns, Stun guns, Pepper spray, Bear spray, self defense dvds, personal security alarms, surveillance equipment. Call for free catalogs and unadvertised specials, 888-213-5645

Knife Deals Plus - Quality Production Knives - has great discount (internet) prices on all knives (tactical, hunting, sport, collector), kitchen cutlery, sharpeners, multi-function tools, optics, and airguns., for the best quality, best price, best service, top of the line products everyday!

Personal Defense and Home Security - Offering a variety of personal protection solutions for home or away; Pepper sprays, stun devices, home alarms, first aid and survival kits, wireless security systems, child safety products and more.

Self-Defense and Hikuta martial arts. -
Cutting Edge Combat: Common sense answers to all of your self-defense, personal security, Hikuta and violence prevention questions in one easy to use website.

Pentagon Defense - Pentagon Defense provides personal defense, public safety and home security products at affordable prices.

self defense products, stun guns, tasers, pepper spray, spy and surveillance, weapons - We sell self defense products such as stun guns, tasers, pepper spray, mace spray, spy and surveillance gear, self defense weapons and martial arts products for personal and family security.

Self Defense Products | Stun Guns | Knives | Swords - We have a huge variety of quality, yet very affordable gifts. From knives to air guns, swords and daggers, blowguns, paintball guns, crossbows and much, much more!

Self Defense Weapons - Quality self defense and home security products such as stun guns, pepper spray, knives, nanny cameras, blowguns and much more.

Ms. Self Defense Products For Women - Self defense products that women can and will use to protect themselves like pepper spray, stun guns, personal alarms, child protection, animal repellent, home security, safety lights and tasers.

PROTECH #1 Self Defense Products - PROTECH #1 Carries self defense products. Like Powerful stun guns, Pepper Shot™ pepper spray, Tasers®, personal and inexpensive home alarms, fun gift items and martial arts gear. And other survival and safety items not readily available in stores.

Action Fighting Arts - Professional and effective self defense and subject control trainings ideal for citizens as well as law enforcement personnel who are seeking Instructor Certification.

canes for self defense and exercise - Cane Masters makes canes for self defense and exercise as well as instructional media including videos and manuals. Cane Masters offers a complete exercise system for rehabilitaion, exercise, and theraputic needs. - Self Defense Products, Non-Lethal Weapons, Home Security Products. - is your one-stop, on-line source for quality non-lethal self defense weapons and products, including crime prevention security products, stun guns, Tasers, pepper sprays, fighting instructional videos, personal alarms, and much more.






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